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1. What will happen if I make a complaint about a doctor to the Medical Council of Hong Kong?

If you lodge your complaint with the Medical Council, it will first be investigated by the Chairman and the Preliminary Investigation Committee of the Council. If an inquiry hearing is recommended, the Medical Council may, if necessary, require you to give evidence under oath as a witness. You may then be questioned by the Council members who are hearing the case and by the lawyer who is defending the doctor.


The Medical Council can impose punishments that range from a warning, a reprimand, or, in serious cases, removal of the doctor's right to practice.


You should also note the following important points:


  • The Council is only empowered to consider the professional misconduct of registered doctors.
  • No monetary compensation can be awarded by the Council to the complainant.
  • In addition to complaining to the Medical Council, the complainant may, at the same time, take legal action to claim civil damages against the medical practitioner(s) if they have been negligent in handling medical treatments.

This information has been prepared with reference to the Medical Council's publication "How the Medical Council deals with Complaints".


Complaints against registered dentists can be made to the Dental Council of Hong Kong. You may read the Dental Council's publication "Complaints against Registered Dentists" for more information.