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F. Building Safety Loan Scheme

The Building Safety Loan Scheme (BSLS) focuses primarily on financial assistance in relation to maintenance and repair works to reinstate or improve the safety conditions of a building and/or private slope.



Since the purpose of the loan is to improve safety conditions, the BSLS is open to all owners of units in private buildings, be they domestic, composite, commercial or industrial buildings. Both individual owners and company owners are eligible to apply for the BSLS.


Use of the BSLS

The loan must be used for building maintenance works, such as improvements to the structure of the building, fire services installations and equipment, building and sanitary services, or slopes and retaining walls.


The maximum loan amount for each unit is $1,000,000. For any loan of $50,000 or above, the applicant must provide security in the form of Deed of indemnity, legal charge, or Letter of Guarantee issued by a licensed bank in Hong Kong. If the applicant is a company, it must provide security irrespective of the loan amount. 



The BSLS can be interest-bearing or interest-free. An interest-bearing loan has to be repaid over a period of not more than 36 months, while an interest-free loan has to be repaid over a period of not more than 72 months. For an interest-bearing loan, the applicant is not required to undergo a means tests; to be eligible for an interest-free loan, the applicant has to be:


  • a recipient of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance;
  • a recipient of the Old Age Allowance (OALA); or
  • earning income and possessing assets (including those of other household member(s)) within the following limits:


For applicants aged 60 or above


Monthly Income Limit

Asset Limit








For applicants below the age of 60

Household Size

Average Monthly Household Income Limit

Household Asset Limit




























10 or above