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V. Assistance

Elderly minority owners may seek assistance from the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA). It provides (1) telephone and online enquiry services, (2) community education, and (3) case consultation services to elderly owners.


Telephone and online enquiry services


The SCHSA provides information, including the application and procedure for compulsory sale, the rights of minority owners, the application and appeal procedure with the Lands Tribunal, reference prices of properties, and reserve prices of past compulsory sale cases.


For information, call 2345-5265 or visit the SCHSA website.


Community education


The SCHSA organizes talks, workshops and outreach programmes in elderly centers, as well as providing information leaflets on compulsory sale to the public.


Case consultation services


The SCHSA provides consultation services including:


  1. explaining to elderly owners the general practice of property acquisition and the process of compulsory sale under the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance(Cap. 545 of the Laws of Hong Kong);

  2. free-of-charge checks for elderly owners to see whether their properties fall within the class of land lot under which the 80% application threshold for compulsory sale applies;

  3. referral of elderly owners to other social services agencies if relocation is required; and

  4. referral of elderly owners to professionals such as surveyors for advice and assistance.