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5. Fees

In the process of reaching a joint sale, the URFS will, on behalf of the participating owners, engage related consultants (including, but not limited to, solicitors, valuers and auction consultants) to provide relevant services to the Participating Owners. The participating owners must pay all the related work expenses. The work expenses attributable to each participating owner are calculated according to the undivided shares that he owns in a lot.


After signing the Facilitation Agreements, the participating owners must make an advance contribution to the work expenses used to pay the consultancy fees. The URFS undertakes to contribute to the work expenses in proportion to the undivided shares of the yet-to-commit owners. Owners participating in the Approved Project at a later stage have to reimburse the work expenses to the URFS in proportion to the undivided shares they own in a lot.


Upon the successful joint sale of the property interests, a contribution of 1% of the sale proceeds derived from the joint sale will be charged by the URFS. At the same time, the participating owners’ earlier contributions will be refunded by the URFS.


If an Approved Project fails after the signing of the Facilitation Agreement(s) for whatever reason(s), the participating owners and the URFS can recover their share of balance of their contribution to the work expenses that have not been expended, if any, in proportion to their contribution to the work expenses.


Any participating owners who decide to withdraw from the Facilitating Services (Pilot Scheme) on their own accord at any time prior to the signing of the JSA are be eligible for a refund of any expended or pre-paid contributions to the work expenses.