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5. What are the procedures after being arrested?

As per section 51 of Police Force Ordinance (Cap. 232), an arrested individual must be taken to the officer in charge of a police station or a police officer authorised in that behalf by the Commissioner. The Duty Officer will examine the reasons for your arrest. If the duty officer is not satisfied with the legality of the arrest or that you should be detained further, a release will be ordered.


If the duty officer finds your arrest lawful, you will be registered as being arrested, photographed for identification and your fingerprints will be taken for police records. The confirmation of your arrest and personal particulars will be made in the Case Management and Investigation System. At this point you are in police custody and are entitled to a number of rights set out in a document called “Notice to Persons in Custody”, further detailed under Question 4 of  “G. Questioning and Treatment of Witnesses and Detained Persons” section. You will also be subject to questioning and asked to make statements after the officer cautions you to the effect of your answers.