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C. Lodging a Complaint with the Medical Council

The patient can also lodge a complaint with the Medical Council of Hong Kong, which is responsible for registration and the professional discipline of medical practitioners. The Medical Council of Hong Kong was established under the Medical Registration OrdinanceChapters 161, Laws of Hong Kong (“MRO”),


There in no time limit for making complaints.


The Council will in appropriate cases carry out an investigation and/or hold public hearings.


Under section 21(1) of the MRO, the Council is empowered to discipline a registered medical practitioner who commits an offence that is subject to discipline.


If a practitioner is found guilty of a disciplinary offence, he or she will be reprimanded or given a public warning by the Council. In serious cases, his or her name may be removed from the General Register.


However, the Council can not grant damages to an aggrieved patient. The patient has to take legal action and sue for damages in Court.