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b) Capacities of the parties

The capacities of the parties entering into the Lease/Tenancy Agreement also affect the formalities of execution.


It is preferable for an individual, sole proprietorship or a partnership entering into a Lease to affix a red seal next to the signature of the signing person(s). A limited company must affix its common seal next to the signature(s) of the person(s) authorised to sign the Lease. Furthermore, the Lease has to be executed in accordance with requirements stipulated under the company's Articles of Association accompanied by properly executed written board resolutions to authorize such execution.


If the party to a Tenancy Agreement is a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a limited company, the chop or the rubber stamp (as the case may be) of the signing party also has to be affixed onto the Tenancy Agreement together with the signature of the signatory.


You can go to Table 1 for more information regarding the execution clause (i.e. the part of a Tenancy Agreement/Lease where you sign your name).


If the property has been mortgaged to a bank/financial institution, the landlord must obtain the prior consent from that company before leasing it out. For more information regarding this matter, please go to part VIII – properties with mortgages.