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10. I want to purchase a flat. What should I do before I sign the provisional sale and purchase agreement and pay the initial deposit?

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Ask your agent or the vendor whether there is anything that may lower the value of the flat, or better still, try to obtain a copy of the land search record about the flat.


What is a land search?


A land search is a search of the Government Land Registry to obtain the history of the flat and other relevant information. For example, it will show you things like:


6. I suspect that my sales executive has repeatedly sent client details to a rival company and I want to dismiss him. Can I terminate his employment contract immediately without giving him advance notice or wages in lieu of notice?

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With reference to section 9 of the Employment Ordinance, employers may summarily dismiss their employees without advance notice or wages in lieu of notice if their employees:


a. wilfully disobey any lawful and reasonable orders;
b. are guilty of misconduct;
c. are guilty of fraud or dishonesty; or
d. are habitually neglectful in their duties.

5. My tenant has failed to pay rent for two months. What can I do to recover the rent and the possession of my property?

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If a tenant fails to pay rent, then the following measures are usually available to the landlord.


a) Action for the recovery of outstanding rent


If landlords intend only to recover the outstanding rent but not to regain possession of the properties, then they may make their claim for rent arrears at one of the followings.


4. In order to avoid certain liabilities, or to exploit customers, some sellers or service suppliers may insert exemption clauses into their contracts or impose unfair terms. Are these terms valid under the law?

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The law tries to stop traders from avoiding their responsibilities to you if you are injured or your property is lost or damaged because those traders failed to take proper care. They cannot hide behind cleverly worded clauses or a few lines of small print in a contract. They can still be liable to pay compensation.


A) Unreasonable Exemption Clauses


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