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8. What is racial harassment?

Racial harassment can be in any form—physical, visual, verbal or non-verbal—and even a single incident may constitute racial harassment. Racial harassment is any unwelcome conduct towards another person on the ground of his or her race. There are two types of racial harassment:


Unwelcome conduct harassment


If a person engages in an unwelcome, abusive, insulting or offensive behavior because of another person's or his/her near relative's race, which makes him feel threatened, humiliated or embarrassed then it is racial harassment.


Example: Engaging in name calling, which people of certain racial groups may find offensive or impolite, or using a disparaging or offensive tone when communicating with people on the ground of their race could be racial harassment.


Hostile environment harassment


It also occurs if a person creates a racially hostile environment for another person because of his/her or his/her near relative's race. Racial harassment is unlawful under the law. For instance, an employer allows other household members to put up a poster or newspaper clipping which contains derogatory remarks about the domestic helper's race.