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1. Ms. A works as a sales-coordinator in a food company. A new male colleague reported for duty last week with the job title of "administration officer". Ms. A knows that they are both doing administrative work, but with different job titles. The thing she considers unfair is that the salary of that male colleague is higher than hers by $2,000. Is this unlawful under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance?

If it can be proved that the two persons have similar qualifications and are doing similar work, but Ms. A is paid less and afforded lower status due to her gender/sex, this may amount to unlawful sex discrimination.

The Equal Opportunities Commission has given some guidelines in relation to the terms and conditions of employment for both genders (including remuneration and job title). For details, please refer to clause 12 of the Code of Practice of Employment under the SDO (issued by the Commission).