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5. Are the judgments made by the Hong Kong courts enforceable in other countries?

Civil cases:


The judgments and awards of the Hong Kong High Court and above may be enforced in most common law jurisdictions or in consequence of international agreements and arrangements in a number of foreign countries. Reciprocal arrangements exist for the enforcement in Hong Kong of the judgments made by the superior courts of those foreign countries. Similarly, the courts in those countries will also enforce Hong Kong's judgments.


Criminal cases:


Extradition agreements provide for the surrender of persons who are accused or convicted of a serious criminal offence committed within the jurisdiction of one of the Parties to the agreement but are found in the territories of the other Parties. The courts in Hong Kong also have jurisdiction, on request from a foreign court, to provide evidence in Hong Kong for civil or criminal proceedings in that foreign court. On the other hand, the courts in Hong Kong can also issue Letters of Request to overseas courts for obtaining evidence.


Courts in the HKSAR exercise independent judicial power, including the power of final adjudication. The judgments from the courts of Maindland China are not binding on the courts of HKSAR, and vice versa.