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A. Overview

Mediation is a flexible process conducted confidentially in which a neutral person actively assists the parties concerned in working towards a negotiated agreement of a dispute or difference, with the parties themselves remaining in ultimate control of the decision to settle and the terms of resolution.


On 2 April 2009, the Judiciary implemented the Civil Justice Reform (“CJR”) with a view to encourage and facilitate the settlement of disputes by a means other than litigation in court.


Mediation is the recommended ADR process. The CJR introduced changes to the Rules of the High Court and the Rules of the District Court. Various new Practice Directions have been introduced to reflect these changes.


The Judiciary has set up a Mediation Information Office [Address: LG104, High Court Building, 38 Queensway, Hong Kong] to help the public understand the nature of mediation and to help them seek mediation from professional bodies.


There are special information offices at the Lands Tribunal and Family Court to cater for parties in Lands Tribunal Cases and Family Cases.