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1. How much do I have to pay my foreign domestic helper? Is there a standard employment contract that I can enter into with my domestic helper?

Employers of foreign domestic helpers are required to pay no less than a minimum salary that is fixed by the Government, and must in addition pay a levy that goes toward the retraining of local workers. Failure to comply with the above requirements is an offence that can result in fine or imprisonment.


It is important to note that the fixed salary is a minimum amount only (the minimum allowable salary is currently set at HK$4,410 per month). A foreign domestic helper and employer are entitled to agree to a higher salary in accordance with normal employment law.


You and your domestic helper must sign a standard employment contract as specified by the Director of Immigration. This is the only contract that is acceptable to the Immigration Department, and may be required for inspection when the helper arrives in Hong Kong. You can download a sample employment contract (for reference only) from the website of the Immigration Department.