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XI. The Motor Insurers' Bureau

The Motor Insurers' Bureau commenced operations on 1st February, 1981.  All insurance companies in Hong Kong are required to be members of the Bureau. The principal objective of the Bureau is to secure the satisfactory settlement of claims in respect of liability for death or bodily injury that arises from the use of motor vehicles on the road.


Under the Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Risks) Ordinance (Cap. 272), all vehicles must be insured against claims for third party bodily injuries resulting from an accident involving the use of the vehicle on a road.


However, there have been occasions where victims of accidents have been unable to recover the damages awarded to them because of the lack of valid insurance or where some breach of the insurance policy conditions allowed the insurer to repudiate his liability.  In addition, it may happen that insurers might fail to meet their obligations under their policies due to insolvency.


The Motor Insurers' Bureau of Hong Kong can help you obtain settlement if you have difficulty securing the payment of your claim, due to: 
-           insolvency of an insurance company 
-           no insurance 
-           an untraceable vehicle 


The Bureau does not accept liability for any claims relating to property damage. 


Motor Insurers' Bureau of Hong Kong 
Address:     Room 902, Bank of East Asia Harbour View Centre, 56 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 
Telephone: 2866 9681