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2. Supplementary Legal Aid Scheme

The Legal Aid Scheme provides legal representation to the "sandwich class" whose financial resources are above the upper eligibility limit for the Ordinary Legal Aid Scheme (i.e. $420,400) but do not exceed $2,102,000.


Under the Scheme, legal aid is available for cases involving personal injury or death, as well as medical, dental or legal professional negligence, where the claim for damages is likely to exceed $75,000.  It also covers claims under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance irrespective of the amount of the claim. The applicant must pay an initial application fee of $1,000 plus an interim contribution of $105,100 upon acceptance of their legal aid.  If your case is successful, you have to pay any expenses and costs incurred in the case that are not recovered from the opposite party to the Director of Legal Aid out of the damages / compensation recovered. In addition, you will have to pay 20% of the damages recovered into the Supplementary Legal Aid Fund.  If your case is settled before counsel is briefed to attend trial, this percentage will be reduced to 15%.


For more details about Supplementary Legal Aid Scheme, please click here.