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“In Personal Injuries Cases” (including Medical Negligence cases)

(a)       the Plaintiff’s date of birth;


(b)      a summary of the Plaintiff’s injuries, the treatment received, the permanent disability, if any, suffered by him / her and, where practicable, the prognosis in respect of such disability;


(c)    any special damages claimed for losses and expenses already incurred, including pre-trial loss of earnings with full particulars of the pre-accident employment income for 12 months preceding the accident;


(d)    an estimate of any future expenses and losses, including loss of earnings, pensions and MPF contributions, and, where practicable, the multiplier (an actuarial figure for calculating a lump sum amount to compensate the plaintiff for future loss of earnings, the loss of pension rights and to cover future expenses) or the range of multipliers claimed in respect of such future losses and expenses, and such estimate should give the full particulars of any credit given for post-accident earnings;


(e)    where practicable, all material facts relied upon in support of a claim for damages for loss of earning capacity; and


(f)          where practicable, a statement of the range of damages claimed as general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenities and damages for loss of earning capacity.