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Episode 2: Applicability and Commencement of Regulated Tenancies



In this episode, we will look at which tenancies will be included in "regulated tenancies" and when regulation will start under the amended Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation) Ordinance.


We will explain the difference between a fixed-term tenancy and a periodic tenancy, and clarify when a fixed-term tenancy and a periodic tenancy will start to be protected by tenancy control. Additionally, we will discuss tenancies of subdivided units in industrial or commercial buildings and how to determine whether they qualify as "regulated tenancies".


The video will also cover how to determine whether a tenancy is a "regulated tenancy" through the Lands Tribunal or the Rating and Valuation Department.


To learn more about the regulation of subdivided units, please browse the content of "Sub-divided Flats and Tenancy Regulation".