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d) Payment of rent

One of the most important obligations on the part of the tenant is to pay rent to the landlord punctually on the due date.


For tenancies of domestic premises entered on or after 27th December 2002, section 117(3) of the Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation) Ordinance (Cap. 7) implies in favour of the landlord a covenant that the tenant to pay rent on the due date, with an implied condition for forfeiture of the tenancy if such implied covenant is broken by non-payment of the rent within 15 days of the due date.


The time for payment of rent is normally specified in the tenancy agreement.  It is often the case that the rent is payable in advance, that is, on the first day of the rental period.  If there is no express agreement, the rent is generally payable in arrears at the end of each rental period.