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c. Excessive speeding

For most speeding cases, the driver will only receive a “speeding ticket”.  If this driver promptly settles the “speeding ticket”, probably no charge of dangerous driving will be laid.  Actually, even if a vehicle is driven in excess of the speed limit by 45 km per hour, the driver may probably face a deduction of 10 points under the Road Traffic (Driving-Offence Points) Ordinance (Cap.375 of the Laws of Hong Kong), a fine of $1,000 as prescribed by the Fixed Penalty (Criminal Proceedings) Ordinance (Cap.240 and a disqualification of 6 months under section 41(3) of the Road Traffic Ordinance (Cap.374 of the Laws of Hong Kong).  But what about excessive speeding for an extended period of time?  Such an act of driving is clearly not a momentary lapse of attention.  Unless there were some special reasons for the excessive speed, the Court has, in various cases, treated this kind of driving as blatantly irresponsible behavior and convicted the driver of dangerous driving.