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Q2. What makes a video clip admissible evidence? (Correct time? Vehicle registration number clearly captured?)


A video clip is prima facie admissible in Court as evidence if its content is relevant to the subject matter. In a case involving a traffic incident, a video recording of the incident would certainly be helpful to the Court.


The video clip produced to the Court must be the original clip. A copy will not be allowed unless there is a cogent reason why the original cannot be produced.


The video clip must truly and accurately represent the actual circumstances of the incident. For instance, the subject vehicle, driver and/or victim should be identifiable in the video clip. Correct date and time, if available, should also be shown. It is quite usual that a dashcam often does not display the accurate date and time because it is not properly charged at all times. This may not render the clip inadmissible as long as there are other elements in the clip which verify that it is a truthful recording of the incident.