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1. I am getting old and I want to execute an Enduring Power of Attorney to let my son handle my financial affairs in case I become mentally incapacitated. My son is a solicitor and my daughter-in-law is a medical doctor. So things are easy. They can witness the execution of the Enduring Power of Attorney and my son can be the attorney.

Well, in this case, things are not quite as easy as they seem to be.  The existing law provides that the attorney and the witnessing solicitor/medical practitioner (and his/her spouse) cannot be the same person.  If you want your son (who is also a solicitor) to be your attorney, then you have to find another solicitor to witness your execution of the Enduring Power of Attorney.  For the same reason, your daughter-in-law cannot be the medical practitioner who witnesses your execution of the Enduring Power of Attorney.