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2. What can I do if I find out that the information contained in my credit report is not accurate?

If you find any information to be inaccurate, you should first bring it to the attention of the lender/credit provider who provided the information to the CRA. Your credit provider is required to include an indication of the existence of a dispute by you on any data that it provides to the CRA (i.e. the relevant data are under dispute). Alternatively, you may make a correction request to the CRA with appropriate supporting documents. Upon receipt of your request, the CRA will promptly verify the data with your credit provider. If it does not receive from your credit provider any written confirmation or correction of the disputed data within 40 days from the correction request, the relevant data will upon expiry of the 40 days be deleted or otherwise amended as requested. If the CRA fails to respond to the data correction request, this may result in a contravention of section 23 of the Ordinance.