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5. Should an employer provide, within a recruitment advertisement, a statement regarding the purpose for which the personal data submitted by job applicants will be used?

Recruitment advertisements that directly ask job applicants to provide their personal data should include a statement, as an integral part of the advertisement, informing applicants about the purposes for which their personal data are to be used. Here is an example of such statement: "Personal data collected will be used for recruitment purposes only".


Alternatively, a statement to the following effect may be included: "Personal data provided by job applicants will be used strictly in accordance with the employer's personal data policies, a copy of which will be provided immediately upon request." In this case, contact information for the employer should be stated in the advertisement. If you want to obtain an example of an employer's personal data policies relating to recruitment (or called "Personal Information Collection Statement"), please refer to Appendices of the Compliance Guide for Employers and HRM Practitioners issued by the PCPD.