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3. Powers to stop, search and arrest

Under section 66H of the Ordinance, an authorized officer (i.e. the PCPD or a person authorised by the PCPD for the purposes of stop, search and arrest, including any officer at the rank of Personal Data Assistant or above, or a police officer) may, without warrant, exercise the powers to stop, search and arrest any person whom the officer reasonably suspects of having committed a doxxing offence or its related offence.


After an arrest is made, the authorized officer may require the arrested person to state his name and correspondence address, and to produce proof of identity for inspection, and may search for and take possession of any thing (if applicable) that may be found on the arrested person. The authorized officer must also take the arrested person to the PCPD’s office or a police station. The determination of whether to lay charge will be made within 48 hours.