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2. Are you asked to provide your personal data on-line?

If yes, you should do the following before you press the "submit" button to provide your personal data via an on-line form, or send an e-mail containing your personal data.


Look for identity details of the web site. It is possible that a site appears to be at an electronic address that does not belong to it. Visit the "About the Organization" page and check the organization's identity details such as its name, physical location, and contact telephone/fax number. An organization may be considered as using unfair means to collect personal data if it does not disclose its identity (in which case it might have contravened data protection principle 1).


Look for the site's privacy policy notice. It is safer to know what the site's personal data handling policy is before you provide them with your own. The Ordinance requires that organizations in Hong Kong should be open about their policy and practices with respect to the handling of personal data (data protection principle 5).


Search for an on-line notification of a Personal Information Collection (PIC) statement. The PIC statement is a means by which the site should inform you:


  1. how your data are to be used;
  2. to what other parties they may transfer your data;
  3. your right to request a copy of your personal data and correct any errors; and
  4. who should be contacted for such requests.

Under the Ordinance, organizations in Hong Kong must provide this information at or before the time they collect personal data from you.