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10. Under what circumstances can a person ask me to provide other personal identifiers (e.g. staff number, passport number or patient number)?

In general, the requirements of the Code in relation to ID card numbers also apply to other personal identifiers. In other words, other personal identifiers may be collected only under the circumstances and by the means permitted for ID card numbers and are subject to similar requirements as regards retention and use.


However, the above does not apply to the collection or use of such other personal identifiers for a purpose that is directly related to the functions and activities of the person that assigned the identifier to the individuals concerned. For example, a staff number may be collected and used for purposes directly related to the functions or activities of the employer that assigned the number, such as managing employee records and the payment of employee salaries.


Data users that assign personal identifiers to individuals should take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the security of the system under which this is done. Such steps should include security measures to safeguard against the unauthorized assignment of the identifier or production of any document (e.g. the unauthorized production of a staff card with a false staff number printed on it).