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2. How to prove that a marriage is a bogus marriage?

The Immigration Department may carry out in-depth investigations in suspicious cases, such as conducting spot checks by home visits to collect circumstantial evidence and proof, conducting separate interviews, and obtaining admissions of the parties involved in a bogus marriage. Information may be gathered via different channels to verify the husband-and-wife relationships of the persons in the case, by asking questions on details of matrimonial relationships, checking on recollection of ceremonies and gifts, conducting inquiries of special memory of font moments, and seeking the provision of photos and videos, traces of living together as husband and wife, with support of objective evidence like the entry and exit record, etc.  Lack of time spent or personal belongings of one party at home may bring the officers to doubt the existence of matrimonial relations.


In some cases, officers may be able to find the parties’ contact with criminal syndicates arranging for bogus marriages, such as communication with a phone number provided in the advertisements to allure people to engage in bogus marriages, or a search may render pieces of evidence such as a memo of personal details of the spouse or teaching notes on how to answers questions and inquiries from Immigration Department.