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2. Can any adult female be a surrogate mother?

The suitability of a woman to be a surrogate mother should be assessed by a registered medical practitioner who is not responsible for the reproductive technology procedures regarding the surrogacy, by taking into account the woman’s marital status, history of pregnancy, and physical and mental fitness to carry a baby.


Counselling must be provided by a multi-disciplinary team of the reproductive technology centre for the commissioning couple, and surrogate mother and her husband (if any) to ensure that all parties concerned understand the medical, social, legal, moral and ethical implications of surrogacy. In assessing the surrogate mother (and her husband, if any) and the commissioning couple, the welfare of the child is of paramount importance.


It should be noted that a surrogate mother is the legal mother of the child unless a parental order made by the court says otherwise.


For more details, you may refer to Matrimonial Matters > Surrogacy and artificial insemination > Surrogacy.