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4. Can I choose the gender of my baby by making use of human reproductive technology?

The Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance sets out prohibitions in connection with embryos, against sex selection and against the provision of reproductive technology to unmarried couples.


No person shall, by means of a reproductive technology procedure, cause the sex of an embryo to be selected, whether directly or indirectly (including by the implantation of an embryo of a particular sex in the body of a woman), except where the purpose of such selection is to avoid a sex-linked genetic disease specified in the Ordinance which may prejudice the health of the embryo (including any foetus, child or adult which may arise from the embryo); and not less than two registered medical practitioners each state in writing that such selection is for that purpose and such disease would be sufficiently severe to a person suffering it to justify such selection.


If you want to know what other acts are prohibited by the law, please go to Matrimonial Matters > Surrogacy and artificial insemination > Acts prohibited by the Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance.