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3. I am the registered owner but not the "real owner" of a car ("real owner" is the person who actually paid for the car). Can I obtain insurance coverage in respect of the car? Will it make a difference if I am the "real owner" but not the registered owner?

As described in the first part of the question, you are the registered owner (i.e. the legal owner) but not the "real" or "beneficial" owner of the car. As the registered owner, you still have an insurable interest in the car. Irrespective of the ownership position between you and the real / beneficial owner, you are liable for all the risks as between you and all other parties in case a traffic accident occurs. Therefore, you can and should purchase motor insurance for your car.


Regarding the second part of the question, if you can show evidence of your beneficial ownership (e.g. you have paid all or part of the purchase price for the car), you may also purchase the motor insurance for the car.