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1. What is Insurtech?

Generally, Insurtech is a generic term referring to the innovative deployment and application of technology to enhance the quality of insurance services provided by insurance companies or insurance intermediaries to policy holders or customers, and to make buying insurance and handling insurance-related matters more convenient.  Some examples of Insurtech are:-


  • Buying and selling of insurance policies through digital channel (the insurance company specializing in this way of selling insurance policies is also known as “virtual insurer”)
  • the use of Internet and mobile phone application for handling matters in relation to insurance such as submission of insurance claims;
  • use of wearable health trackers to collect health data for the purpose of medical health insurance;
  • monitoring device in motor cars to track behavior of the driver for underwriting, renewal or claims handling of motor insurance;
  • leveraging on cashless payment methods to make premium and insurance claims payment faster and more convenient.


If you want to find more about the latest development of Insurtech in Hong Kong, you can visit the Insurance Authority’s website at: