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I. Conclusion of winding-up

When will the liquidator be released from the relevant duties in a winding-up proceedings? When will the company be dissolved?


The liquidator can apply to the Court for the release of the duties once the followings have been accomplished:

- all the assets of the company have been realized (i.e. all assets have been sold and converted to cash);
- investigations related to the winding-up proceedings are completed; and 
- a final dividend (if any) has been paid to the creditors to settle the debts


The liquidator will send notices, together with a summary of the relevant receipts and payments in the liquidation, to the creditors and contributories of the company of the intention to apply to the Court for release from the duties as liquidator. At this point, any creditor or contributory has 21 days from the date of the notice to raise objection to the intended release of the liquidator.


After obtaining the order for release from the court, the liquidator will file a “Certificate of Release of Liquidator” with the Registrar of Companies. The company shall be dissolved two years after the filing of the “Certificate of Release of Liquidator”.