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8. What risks will I face if I start a civil action? Am I prepared to bear these risks?

Before starting a civil action, you should bear in mind the risk that after hearing your case, the court may find that you are unable to prove your case and consequently you will lose your case. If you lose your case, you would not be able to recover the sum which you have claimed nor would you be able to recover any legal costs or expenses that you have incurred in bringing your claim to court. In addition, you will have to bear your opponent's costs for defending him against your claim. This would include legal costs if your opponent is legally represented. Further, if your opponent has made a counterclaim against you and you lose your case, you will also have to pay any compensation sought by your opponent that has been awarded to your opponent by the court.


In order to assess the strength of your case and the risks involved in starting a civil action, it is recommended that you obtain legal advice.