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2. What are some examples of non-compliance by employers?

Below are examples of cases of non-compliance by employers which led to the employees making a claim against their employers:

  1. Tsang Ching Fei v Mo King Guo (02/04/2008, DCPI2136/2006): failure to provide a pair of construction site safety boots has led the claimant to suffer a more serious injury to his left big toe than he otherwise would.
  2. Thapa Goma v Tina Global (HK) Limited and Another [2019] HKCFI 471: failure to provide training to adopt proper postures/methods for lifting heavy objects was held to be a breach of the employer’s duty in providing a safe system of work.


The above 2 cases are only parts of the examples of non-compliance by employers. Employers should therefore always stay alert to the workplace so as to avoid any potential breach.